Thursday, August 15, 2013


Wow. It’s truly hard for me to believe that it has been a year. I have lived in New York City for an entire year. That’s 365 days. Or 52 weeks. Or 12 months. Or 1 year. (see what I did there?) It’s both a long time, and no time at all.

My last few posts have been incredibly angsty and I have complained a lot, so I’m going to take the time to recount everything I am thankful for that has happened to me in this past year because, while New York can be a stressful place, and it tests me like no other, it’s also my favorite place in the world and I never plan on leaving. So, here are some awesome things that I am so thankful for, in  order of appearance:

  •  Moving to New York with an apartment in Sunnyside and Internship at the LARK Play  Development Center waiting for me.
  • The highly efficient subway system. (I’m not gonna say anything about the buses cause I promised to keep this positive)
  • Finding paid Stage Management work at J-City Theatre in my first month here.
  • Having many experienced New Yorkers help me in my first weeks here ( Eugenia, Nicole, James, Rita, Tim, Mike, and Anna)
  • My assistant stage management job with The Flea I got with the help from Cammie, a cast member from my first show in Jersey City, and her friend Liz who works at the Flea.
  • The privilege of working with the amazing cast and crew of Restoration Comedy at The Flea for two and a half months (and getting paid for it too)
  • One Dollar Pizza.
  • Hurricane Sandy forcing me to buy a bike, and subsequently riding my bike all over Manhattan and discovering some amazing views of the city. 
  • Thanksgiving with Liz, who got me my job at the Flea, and her then girlfriend and now ENGAGED fiancĂ© Michelle (CONGRATS BTW) and their families.
  • Becoming good friends with the other interns at The Lark, and drinking lots of wine while reading a play we all wrote together.
  • Living in Chinatown.
  • Dad, Mom, Michael, and Kristin come and visit me for Christmas.
  • Many friends come and visit me over the course of my first year (Alison, Luke, Alison again, Kristen, Allison (a different one), Joe and Jill, Carrie, and John.
  • Getting a full-time job with Health and Benefits and not having to worry about money as much.
  • Assistant Directing an Off-Off Broadway Play at Theatre for the New City.
  • Directing an Original Play at the Venus Theatre Festival.
  • Finding an AMAZING apartment in Washington Heights that is just my size.
  • Directing an Original play with the Rhapsody Collective.
  • Starting a Production Company.
  • Writing a Musical with Adam O’Dell.
  • Producing Pygmalion and Marley with my brothers.
  • Michael come live with me for the summer.
  • Directing two plays in the course of 3 months and working with tons of amazing actors
  • Making it an entire year working on 8 different shows while holding down a job, and having it only cost me some time, money, and a few stitches in my hand.
It’s been one hell of a ride, to say the least and I couldn't have done it without the support of all my friends and family back home in Iowa sending me good thoughts every day. I wonder what awesome things New York has in store for me as I enter Year Two?

You may or may not have noticed, but I've made a couple of changes to my blog 2.0. With this most recent update on the right side of the screen are beautiful little icons with links to all my social pages: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and flickr. If you want to see what I’m doing when I’m not blogging about it, that’s a good way to keep track. And at the bottom of every post is a little social bar thing. So you can like the post on Facebook right within the blog itself! HOW CONVENIENT.

I promise I’ll keep blogging if you promise to keep reading and that especially goes out to my dedicated readers in Iowa, Germany, and South Korea. Oh and to the spammers in Latvia, cut it out. Until Next Time!

If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere

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