Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Generation

My Generation

It was said to me by an elderly woman
“You’re generation with your phones and internet,
Your attention spans are too short.”

I wanted to tell her: “You are wrong!
I’m not one of those kids,
I’m not from my generation.
I watched the old movies like Citizen Kane and Casablanca
I know who Bogart is,
I studied your generation and I appreciate it.”

Seeing as I was born into this generation not by choice,
But rather a summation of randomly organized events,
It seemed unfair to be judged by an elder about
“My Generation” and our “Short Attention Spans.”

But you see that’s the thing about prejudice,
No one cares about your backstory.

And so I thought to myself:
“Is my generation so bad?
Why do people hate us so much?
Is it us or is it the change we represent?
Because really, human nature hasn’t changed,
Just our technology has.”

Have you heard of the encyclopedia?
It was the Wikipedia of its day
(and ours is better because ours is fact checked)

Have you heard of Playboy?
Yeah people used to pay for porn.

Have you heard of the television?
Yeah we took than and improved it.
Now we can pick what we watch and when we watch it.

Have you heard of Parasols and Fans?
They were the iPod cases of the Victorian era.

Have you heard of Vaudville?
It was the YouTube of its day.

You see I think its jealousy.
I think that’s why older people don’t like us “young people”.
They are jealous at how connected we are,
At how borderless our world is now.
And they are jealous because
they are living in a different world
Where maps have lines,
And people never change.

So I wear my generation proudly now
With our  digital narcissism and intellectual immaturity.

Yes: we have short attention spans.
Yes: we display our lives publicly.
Yes: we  play lots of video games.
Yes: we like to voice our opinion.

I don’t see it as a “Short Attention Span”
But rather a face paced yearning for meaning.
A yearning for substance.
A yearning for communication and global connectivity.

So stop telling me what’s wrong with our generation,
Because all we did was take what you gave us,
And tried to make it better.

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