Saturday, May 25, 2013


Ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to be working against you? Like no matter how much you try, nothing seems to work out? That was my last week. People like to say “Ah, it’ll be fine, everything will all work out”, and its true, but it still sucks having to go through it all because you have to put up with annoying people, disappointments, and loss of sleep, amiright?

If you haven’t yet clicked back to Facebook, either you want to hear the happy ending, or you like reading about me suffering. Either way, keep reading.

So, before I left for my vacation I had been working with the Hudson River Park and they had
nearly guaranteed me a performance space. They had told me that would email me a confirmation within a week, so I expected to get the good news at some point on my road trip home. Speaking of which, it was a blast. Check out the webpage on to see photos from all that I did!

Then Mic and I drove 16 hours back to New York, and I still hadn’t heard from them. I was starting to get very worried.  Well, once I got back to New York, after sending multiple emails and making tons of call, they send me a little email this past Monday saying that they would no longer be able to host us due to conflicting programming. I was floored. It was like I was building a dam, and then they said I couldn’t use bricks, and now I’m holding back all the water. I had 18 actors and actresses, a choreographer, a stage manager, a music director I drove a thousand back from Iowa with, and now no place to do my show. AHHH. Plus mix in the average amount gritty New York City anger and regular ol' life frustration, and the pot of water that was my mind was boiling over.

Tuesday. No progress. I needed to find both a rehearsal space and a performance space on a showstring of a budget. Both myself and my brothers are incredibly grateful for all the finical support that people gave us in our April fundraiser, and it’s helped us get this far, but believe me when I tell you New York is expensive! Average rates for a rehearsal room run about twenty dollars and hour. And to rent a stage or a black box performance space is around 200 dollars and hour. We simply do not have that kind of money.

So Zach and Mic and I began thinking. Hard thinking. Like obsessive one-track mind kind of thinking. We explored every kind of possible space we could perform in: Parking lots, parks, offices, apartments, rooftops, underwater, library's,  public spaces... we didn’t actually talk about underwater, but wouldn’t that be cool?

Anyways, fast forward through Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and we still haven’t found a space to perform. We found a rehearsal space that is very affordable, and nearly brand new which means no one really knows about it yet, so we jumped on that. Check out our brand new website to find out more about that. But we still haven’t found a home for our show. We have a few leads, but nothing solid yet. I tricked you! There is no happy ending in this post. Not yet anyways. Hopefully that’ll be in next weeks post. Or maybe the week after. But, ha. No resolution.

Tomorrow we have our first read through, and Mic and I are super excited to get started on that. We have a beautiful and talented cast, an amazing choreographer, and a lovely stage manager all passonate about getting the play off the ground. So stay tuned because things are about to get very very interesting. Until Next Time!

“Never forget who you are, for surely the world won’t. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” 
― Tyrion LannisterA Game of Thrones

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