Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting A Theatre

HI all!

So first things first. The musical I am writing is coming along swimmingly. I am hoping to have the scripts sent out to all the people who volunteered to critique the first draft sometime this week. So keep checking your inbox's for that!  

You've probably noticed that I haven't blogged in two weeks. Or you haven't noticed and have been going about your life as if nothing has been missing.

Well, I've been putting off the blog post for good reason because, starting today, I am launching the campaign to raise money for my theatre company! Yes, that's right, I'm starting a theatre company.

Originally, a few weeks ago, a friend and I got to talking about what its like to work in New York. We both came to the conclusion that, while the opportunities are numerous, the willingness of people to pay people who didn't have "New York Experience" were not. We'd be searching for job opportunities and there were plenty of "internships" and "no-pay", experiences, but you cant do that and expect to pay rent too, right? So we decided we would make our own theatre. Because if your going to be doing a ton of work for little pay, it may as well be something your vested in, right?

That's where our theatre comes in. We decided to call it {snappytitlehere} and we made it our goal to produce 4 productions a year. Our hope is that, with this theatre, we can provide opportunities for young theatrical artists who may or may not have a lot of "New York Experience" and also be able to pay them for their time and talent. So often work is outsourced to the cheapest common denominator. Our goal is be able to pay the talent what they are worth.

I am digressing, but anyways, that's the big news this week. IF you think this is cool or anything, check out the campaign website:

From that link you can donate money to our theatre. So give what you can, if anything. And if not, that's totally cool too. I understand what its like to be broke all the time, haha. You can also share the page/video with your friends because the more eyes that see it, the better chance we have of get the word out there. So give, share, and love! Until Next Time!

"No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his well-being, to risk his body, to risk his life in a great cause. – Theodore Roosevelt"


  1. hey Joey, you seem more like the folks in those old movie musicals with every blog post! I'm thinking of one in particular, but I can't recall the title. Maybe Emily will be able to help me out.

    But anyways, are you creating a non-profit and soliciting donations or is this a for-profit and you are searching for investors?

  2. Hello Mrs. Ott!

    I hope I can be successful like everyone turns out to be in those old movie musicals. haha :)

    In answer to your question, at the moment we are not a non-profit. We are using a website called Indie-gogo, which is alot like kickstarter if you are familiar with it. And they classify the people who give their money as Backers, which I am learning is different from investors. The main difference being that with investors they expect to be paid back their money plus some, whereas backers are given a prodcut or good in exhancge for their donation.

    Does this make sense? I'm just learning about all this fund-raising stuff lol.