Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Infinite Variety

Every Bill Shakespeare has to write a Hamlet, right? Well after last week's depressing post I am going to attempt to turn this tragedy into a comedy. But before I do I just want to add a disclaimer to all those thinking about moving to New York:

It is an amazing town full of amazing people, that is for sure. But it is a hard town and if you are moving here to become rich and or famous, don't  Move to the midwest, that is where the money is right now. There are more jobs and stuff costs less. New York is a tough town and it will test you. It will make the most confident person question the strength, the smartest person question their knowledge, and it will make the funniest person seem as dull as Dilbert. Make sure you are moving here for the right reasons.

All that being said, the things that I love about this town is its infinite variety. There are theatrical things happening everywhere, all the time. I have been sending out lots of applications to various jobs on websites like Playbill.com and Backstagejobs.com and I recently heard back from one looking for carpenters for overhire this past weekend. I have plenty of skill in carpentry, so I figured, why not? Its money to pay rent doing something I know how to do well. So I went to the job and had a blast and met some awesome people. All while doing things I know how to do like cut and install trim, paint, build stair units, install doors, slam strips, cut and install more trim, and build shelving units. It was easy and I made decent money at it, and I am going to be called back when they start on their next production, Sound of Music. Awesome!

The Road to Manhattan 
Which leads me to my next point. In this city it is all about connections. Who you know  helps  you get your next job or your next rung on the ladder to success. I have been super lucky with my jobs so far. I have an amazing boss at the Lark who took a risk on a midwestern kid and two awesome bosses at J-City Theater who took a risk on a new-to-New-York stage manager. And through these two jobs I have met a bunch of awesome people. Its all about meeting people, especially in the theatrical world. I was talking to a painter who worked the same overhire gig I did past weekend, and she is currently working at The Public as a painter, and I am always curious how people get their jobs, so I asked her how she got that job and she said a friend called her when they needed a painter. No postings on the internet or in classifieds. All because a friend knew of someone.

So I guess the point of this is that meeting people is important. Because in this work, and in this business  everyone helps each other out. If I hear of a job that I know someone else can do I let them know, and vice-versa. I think that is why I like this city because, despite the tough competition and the streets that will test your will, once you get in, you will find that it is really a small community of people who want to help each other out. Until next time!

"You are thought here to be the most senseless and fit man for the job" -Dogberry, Much Ado about Nothing, Act 3 Scene 3.

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  1. I didn't know you were a geek.

    If/When you find yourself back in DBQ, maybe you could perform a brain transplant on an old Mac we have in the basement.