Monday, October 22, 2012

Good News!

Good News everyone! I have work!

But before we get there, I want to explain to you something I like to call the "New York Hiring Process". It works like this: A theatre job opens up, but instead of listing the job or posting a help wanted add the employer typically just asks friends, and friends ask friends, and people respond, and friends recommend friends, and then someone lucky bloke gets hired. Thats how it works in the theatre world here, and that is exactly how I got my two new jobs! Now let me trace the story back for you:

To begin with, it all started with the show I have been working on in Jersey City. I was riding the train home with a cast members one evening, and she said she had a Technical Director friend that works at a theatre called "The Flea", and off-broadway performance venue, who wanted to hire someone to help her out. This cast memeber thought I should send my resume and cover letter to the TD, and so after a few days of getting things ready, I send my stuff to the cast member, and she sent it to the TD along with a recommendation. Well days turned to weeks and I didn't hear anything, so I just assumed nothing came of it. Then one day I get a call asking if I would be interested in Assistant Stage managing their upcoming show in November and December. I went in for an interview and we all got along swimmingly, so they offered me the job! Now I am Assistant Stage Managing a show at The Flea, all because a friend recommended me, and the TD had my resume when the job opened up. The best part is I hadn't even met the TD, she just trusted my recommendation  So now I get to work on an amazing show, and trust me, this show is amazing. I can't really say more about it yet, but the cast is phenomenal  the story is hilarious, and it is going to be a lot of fun to work on.

That is how I got the first job, and I am pretty excited about it. But the second job is even more exciting. I am happy to tell everyone that I will be the Assistant Director on the premiere of a brand new, off-broadway play called Off The Kings Road by Neil Koenigsberg that will go up in February.  Now to trace this story back... It all started when a professor of mine emailed me saying that a fellow alum of his had posted a message on facebook that she was looking to hire an Assistant Director for an upcoming play. Well this professor saw that facebook post and emailed me and asked if I was interested. He said that if I was, he would try to set up an interview for me. He also said he made no promises that I would get the job, but said he would recommend me nonetheless. I said I was totally interested!  Time passed, emails were sent, and I got the interview. I met with the Director and we got along fabulously and she said she had a few other interviews to conduct but that she would let me know within the week. I anxiously waited to hear the news, but didn't get my hopes up because I didn't want to get to attached before I found anything out. Then I found out yesterday that she wanted to bring me onto the project, so I accepted!

So that is how it works in this city, my friends. You meet people and they help you get jobs. But don't be a karama hog, pay it forward. Be sure to help others get jobs to, and recommend people, and talk to people, and make connections because the theatre world in this city is a small one, and it pays to know people. Literally. 

Until next time!

Got a little motto
Always sees me through
When you're good to Mama, Mama's good to you.
 -Matron Mama Morton, Chicago


  1. Congratulations Joe! I couldn't be more proud!!!

    (your Godmutha)

  2. That is such encouraging news! I'm so glad things are working out and that the financial stresses are lessening!