Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Risk

Many of you are probably wondering: "Hey Joey, what gives? Where was last week's blog post?" Ill be honest, I had nothing to write about last week! For real! My boss was out on his honeymoon at Disney Land, so I didn't have to come into work, and I didn't have anything else to do...So there was nothing to write about. Weird huh?

But alas! The muses have inspired me this week and I am back at it, blogging away about life, love, and the pursuit of not being homeless in NYC.

Something I have been trying very hard to do hear is become financially stable. Crazy right? Well these past few weeks I have been applying like crazy to grunt jobs so I could take stress off of my bank accout. Places like Starbucks, McDonald's, 7-11, Dunkin Doughnuts, White Castle, Sears, Kmart.... this list goes on. But I just was not having any luck getting hired. Then it hit me:
Instead of working a part time job to pay the bills, I could take a risk and devote this same time to promoting my photography, and possibly make more money and have fun while doing it.... 
It was risky, because there is no guarantee anyone will give me business and I could wind up worse off....but if it worked, I would be so much happier working as a photographer than as a fast food employee....

So I took the risk. I stopped applying to these grunt jobs and focused all my effort to photography, and I think it is paying off. So far I have photographed an art event (In and Around C by Mad Mohre) a fashion event (Tanya Taylor S/S 2013 Fashion Event at the MoMA) and to date I have had two head-shots session and I have one coming up this week. I even have a website now to promote my work:

Hopefully this risk will pay off. My work is starting to get out there, people are learning my name, and maybe, just maybe, I might go somewhere with my photography.

I think this is working will work because I have my professional job work I do: General Management and Stage Management, but then I have this photography work, which is more of a passion. During one of my headshot sessions with a screenwriter, when I told her I do both Arts Management and Photography she told me good and:
"Don't make your passion your job, because then it becomes work."
Its true. One sure fire way to kill your passion is to make it work.... food for thought anyways...

In other news, I have officially started Stage Managing! Our production has had it's first read through this past Saturday and this week we going to begin rehearsals. So it looks as though things are starting to pick up, which is good because that will mean more to write about in blog posts! So keep reading and keep laughing. Until next time!

Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone.
Charlie Chaplin 

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  1. Or make your passion your "work" and it will never actually be "work"...also food for thought.

    Love the website!