Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Quest

I finally feel that I can move at my own speed, which is, fast.

New York is a fast paced town, to say the least, and you have to either run with it or get trampled, sometimes literally. (Sidenote: I have learned that when there are large amounts of people crossing the street at the same time, sometimes it helps if you "draft" behind someone who is bigger than you, because they tend to clear a nice path). One thing you learn to do is  live out of your backpack. You have to plan ahead, make sure you bring everything you need for the day, other wise you is screwed. Cause you can't just hope in the car and run back to the house, nope. Not in this city.

Having a routine helps out immensely in this city, because when your schedule is organized it can leave you less to worry about and forget. My life is starting to settle down into a nice routine, for the time being.  I usually get up pretty early, get ready and go to work at the Lark Play Development Center. I typically work at the Lark until 4pm or 5pm depending on how much work there is, and then for dinner I go into pizza questing mode (I will explain in a bit). I typically enjoy my pizza while watching the Boccie Ball players in Bryant Park, or just eat and walk. Then after a 20 min train ride under the Hudson River I  arrive in Jersey City for Regrets Only rehearsal and prepare to stage manage. I am typically early to rehearsal, as all stage managers should be, and because of this I am left with some spare time. So I typically wait in the park across the street. I think this is one of my favorite parts of the day because everything suddenly slows down and the park is just becoming calm and beautiful. The sun is beginning to set, so the sky is ablaze with orange's and yellow's, and I sit in the bleachers and watch young kids play basketball and enjoy the slight fall breeze. I then either fire up my laptop and work on stage management stuff using the free Internet, or just sit and enjoy the beautiful moment of perfect weather and people having fun playing in the park. Then it is off to rehearsal at J-City Theater. Rinse. Repeat.

Like I mentioned above I have begun a quest. I am attempting to find the best slice of cheap pizza that New York has to offer. So far I have only explored the Times Square area because that is where I work. In my questing I have found that every legitimate cheap pizza shop offers this deal: 2 slices and a can of soda for 2.75. If you pay more, your paying too much for pizza. It is affectionately known as the "recession special".  I learned the hard way that this doesn't mean 2 slices of whatever you want. They mean cheese. Toppings are extra. But 2.75 for two hefty slices of cheese pizza is not bad. Plus all of these shops have spices set out that you can throw on to your pizza to add more flavor to it. I have a theory that when the pizza has more flavor from the spices it fools the brain into thinking it got more food than it actually did. I will be publishing a paper on this theory eventually. But I digress... So far, out of all the pizza places I have tried, there is one little shop that stood out as the bests "cheap pizza place". I promise I didn't choose it for this reason, but its called "Joey Pepperoni's Pizza" on 6th and 35th. They have the best cheese on their pizza because, not only is it tasty but, its also thicker than most of the competition, which means more pizza for your dollar. Literally. Plus their spice spread has this wonderful spice that I absolutely love and isn't at any of the other shops. The problem is there isn't label so I literally have no idea what it is, but it tastes amazing. 

Lastly, I have discovered through this blog traffic info tracker thing, that I have at least 3 dedicated readers in Russia, for whatever reason. So to all my Russian Readers: 
Привет и спасибо за чтение!

Until next time!

"The beaming sunrise buries the night

The setting sun destroys the light"

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  1. Loved the post Joeys! Isn't it lovely to choose a spot that becomes, somehow, "yours"?