Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hard Things

It's the night before I leave and I find my self calmly apprehensive. The overflowing love and support of all my friends and family swirls through my head, combined with the feelings of nervousness and excitement, to create a strange stew of emotions.

If there is one thing I have learned over these past weeks it is that determination can only get you so far, it's the friends you make that push you the extra mile. If it weren't for all the people pushing me and helping me, I don't think I could make the jump I am about too. Take that as some advice: Friends make hard things possible. 

I decided that I don't want to take my car with me to New York, so at the cost of a few more dollars, I am flying out of the Waterloo airport to Chicago (and from Chicago to La Guardia.) I've never flown alone, so this is a new experience for me, and i'm a bit nervous. Im nervous that I will miss my gate, or that I will lose my luggage, or that I will wind up like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2 and get on the wrong plane and end up flying to...Oh wait he flew to New York in the second movie.. never mind.

In my search for a plane ticket there were many options from websites like Priceline and Expedia, but I would caution you against choosing the cheapest option if you are moving your life on a plane. My reasoning is because the cheaper the flight, the more connections you make to different airports, and the greater chance to loose luggage if you have checked any bags. For example: there was a flight that flew to Chicago, and then down to Miami, Flordia, and then to New York....Flying to Miami to get to New York seems sketchy to me. But if your flying with only carry on luggage than there is 0 chance you would lose your luggage so a flight like that might be perfectly applicable. Regardless, checking a bag always brings with it the risk of loosing it at a transfer, so plan accordingly.

In 12 hours I will be somewhere over the USA heading eastward, it is kind of surreal. Thank you everyone. Thank you for all the love and support you have given me so far, I am going to miss you all very much, and I sincerely hope you will come visit me sometime soon. Keep on reading the blog to find out my thoughts, advice I have on living in New York, and anything else that happens to me.

                            I count myself in nothing else so happy
                            As in a soul remembering my good friends.

                                                                        (Richard II) 2.3.46-7

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