Saturday, August 11, 2012


So much has happened in these past three day's I will be lucky if I can even remember it all, But im gonna try! So be ready for a rather lengthy, and most likely meandering, blog post.

To begin with, I will start by recounting me experience of flying out here. I kept a "quick journal" of thoughts when I could during or between flights, so here they are:
Got up at 4:30 in the morning. Michael didn’t believe that time of day existsed, but drove me to the airport non-the-less. Got to the air port at 5:45. Didn’t get cavity searched while going through TSA, so today is off to a good start. Seems that Michael had a bit of trouble leaving the airport, not much I can do at this point besides offer moral support.  Its 6:12 AM and I am waiting to board the plane. Some bad news though, it seems my flight to Chicago from Waterloo changed from gate 2 to gate 1. I was worried that this was going to be a large inconvience, but it turns out the booming waterloo airport only HAS 2 gates…
Gate 2. Where my flight was supposed to my flight was supposed to be.
 The flight from Waterloo to Chicago took 15 minutes…. No Joke. An episode of Spongebob is about that long... crazy... So here I am in Chicago with an hour to spare. On the way to my next gate I stopped in the bathroom to find what looked to be a Tibetan monk washing his head in the sink. I went about my business and when I left he was still there washing his head. Life is awesome. Got to my gate with no problems. The flights are on time today, the weather is clear, and there are no other foreseeable problems to report. I love O’hare because it feels like the UN. So many different people from different places walking, talking, and living. 
Arrived in New York perfectly on time, walked to baggage claim, and waited anxiously for my bag to arrive. This was the part I was most nervous about because getting your bag back is never a 100percent guarantee. There is always a chance that it gets lost in transit. After what seemed like forever I finally saw that large green Columbus bag with my name embroidered on top. I sighed relief, and walked outside to find a taxi. Turns out the taxi system at the airport is like a factory, they just line up to shuttle of new arrivals to their various destinations. So I got a taxi and told him where I lived and we were off. I had never ridden in a taxi alone before, so it was an interesting experience. He drove like a madman, talking on the phone the entire time, and randomly shouting out the window at people, but we arrived safely so I guess he knew what he was doing. I walked up to the house, called the landlady to come meet me, and there she was talking me through the house, the rules, and handing me keys. I was home again.
So my first goal was to get a new phone, since us cellular doesn't have coverage in the New York area. This was good because it was going to force me to use the subway, something with which I had no experience, but needed a lot of. So I walked to the subway which was 3 blocks north, and 2 blocks west. It is a nice walk, especially in the summer because there are people out walking, playing basketball in the park, enjoying the day. I imagine it will be less enjoyable during the winter. I went into the subway station and got my Metro Card. For those who don't know, A Metro Card pays for all your subway and bus rides in the city. You can get any kind of card from a single pass to monthly unlimited depending on your situation. These handy dandy machices are quite simple, inster money in form of change, cash, or plastic, and out pops a card. 

So from here I went to the sprint store in Astoria to get my new phone. The process was quite simple and within a half hour I was walking out the door with a new phone. I wandered around the area for a bit and found a nice little pizza place owned by an Arabic family. They had some crazy awesome kinds of pizza, so I got a slice of the Chicken and Broccoli Pizza. It was tasty. 

Ok, story time: So I have food stamps from Iowa (because I am poor and I qualify.) So I was wondering if they would work in a New York grocery store. So I wandered in and looked for something small to test it out on. I ended up grabbing a box of pop-tarts. Who doesnt like pop-tarts right? SO I went to the checkout and as I was waiting and realized I didnt bring my food-stamps card with me. I decided that since I didnt have any food yet, I would purchase the pop tarts anyways. So I did. I had a pop tart for lunch. And then another one for dinner. I got up the next morning and had another. Then another one for lunch. Then some more for dinner. It had been 2 days since I arrived and all I had to eat was a slice of pizza and pop-tarts for 2 days. Lesson learned? MAN CANNOT LIVE ON POP-TARTS ALONE. So I got up early and wandered up to the local grocery store in my neighborhood to ACTUALLY test the Iowa food stamp card. I grabbed a box of Mac and Cheese and headed the the check out. I cannot express in words the utter elation I felt when I saw the word APPROVED on the screen. I ran out of the exit and back in the entrance and stocked up on the foodstuffs. It was a good morning.

My First Real Meal
A lot has been happening! I have been meeting some awesome people, trying my hardest to find a rent-paying job, and doings some sightseeing! I went and saw the Statue, the 9-11 memorial, and Times Square. Now my feet hurt. 

I will try my best to keep with the updates so everyone knows whats happening. Thanks for reading!! I will close with a few "New-York-isms" That I have learned or have been told to me:

1: If you see an empty train on an otherwise crowded subway, don’t get on. There is a reason its empty
2: Directions to places are always referred to by their intersection. For example: 47th and 9th ave. is the location of a star bucks in Hell's Kitchen
3: Cell Phone's have no reception in the Subway.
4: Meeting people is ESSENTIAL.
5: For God's sake don't ever live off of pop-tarts.

"I don't care what you say about me, as long as you say something about me, and as long as you spell my name right."
-George M. Cohan

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  1. Joeys, your journal was beautifully written, flowed like a book and a pleasure to read! I actually laughed out loud several times while reading this post. Glad you are safe and sound and have explored and experienced so much already. =)