Thursday, June 21, 2012

Part 1: Simple Enough

So, moving. To New York... Maybe its just because I am super obsessive about planning things, but I feel like its going to require a lot of planning. So that's what I have been doing since like... December. Maybe I'm slighty obsessive... 
Anyways, in this two part blog post I will be posting what research I have found in these areas: Where to Live, Work, Food Stamps, Drivers License, Transportation, Phone, Health, Student Loans, and Banking. 

Where to live:
There is so much to write about when it comes to living in New York: Safety, location, quality, rent price, room size, number of roommates, house shares, home swaps, sublets, and hostels. Finding a place to live for cheap is like finding a line in a Mamet play that doesn’t have the word fuck in it: Its hard, but it can be done. Here are some website that have been helpful in my search:
So while finding a place to live that isn’t outrageously expensive is hard, its not impossible. In terms of safety, I am told that New York isn't as dangerous as most people tend to stereotype in their heads. Here is what my friend Eugenia had to say on the topic:
Well, there are certainly bad neighborhoods still...bed-stuy, parts of Flatbush, brownsville, parts of's just about being smart and aware of what's around you. So much of the city is gentrified. The way I see it, is if something's gonna happen its gonna happen, I just do my best to keep my wits and not be stupid.
So, don't be stupid. Nuff said.

Work: ahh work... Here is the plan thus far: I have submitted many applications to theatre internships in New York, and I plan to submit many more. I hope to get work somewhere in theatre. But lets be realistic, work in theatre doesn’t pay much at the entry level, so I will have to have some other way to supplement my income until I can afford to work in solely theatre. There are many different fields of work for artist who need money, namely, waiting on tables, working in retail, or becoming a barista (or barister... if such a word has Grammatical gender)  In addition to looking for these sorts of jobs when I am there, I am also going to look for photography related jobs, since I like taking pictures and people keep telling me they aren’t complete crap. SO, in beginning this research into photography jobs I am making an online portfolio of sorts on a website called behance, its really cool and easy to use, here is the link to my page: It’s a pretty nifty site with job listings and free portfolios and such. Because I cant really apply for day jobs until, at maximum, two weeks before I go right now I am going to put my effort into bolstering my portfolio and resume.
 Here are some websites that have really helped my in my search:
Food Stamps:
There is an awesome website called Accessnyc that, after a short test, will show you any and all government benefits you qualify for. Through this food stamps can be attained. From this food can be acquired and death can be held off for a while.

Drivers Licenses:
From the NYDMV website:
            If you become a resident of NYS, you must get a NYS driver license within 30 days and surrender your out-of-state driver license. Normally, you cannot have a NYS driver license and a driver license from another state, but there are exceptions. It is a violation of Federal law to hold more than one commercial driver license (CDL).
            This seems simple enough. Just go to address and simply swap out the old out of state license for new a new NY one. Having a drivers license is important and can give you a leg up on the competiton, especially in the stage hands world.

Well thats the end of part one, hope you found it interesting. Tune in next time for Part 2: Loans Suck!

"Everyone is just waiting.
That's not for you!
Somehow you'll escape
all that waiting and staying."
-Dr. Suess, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

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